From the earliest times Tripoli in North Lebanon was an unusual city due to its configuration for it was not one city but " three cities in one", hence its name Tripoli or the "Tri-city". Built on a rocky promontory on the East Mediterranean cost. 










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Who I am ...

My Name is Nouha KHAYAT , my father's name is Samir KHAYAT and my mother's name is Basma El-Zein. I have one brother called Ahmad.

I was born in Tripoli-Lebanon on 5th July 2000

I am currently living with my family in Jeddah - Saudi Arabia.

Also I am going to School " Lycée Français International de Djeddah " where I have lot of friends from different nationalities.

If you like my website which my father made for me,you are welcome to sign my guestbook or send me an e-mail. Also if you want to have a website like this one, you can contact our company NASACO.


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